There is seemingly so little love shared in this world, it is not surprising that we ask, “Where have all the lovers gone?” Since love is the most vital energy for good that is within our power to utilize, it is puzzling why we so seldom do so. Love is just a useless, abstract idea […]

Note of happiness Part 2   “We …. divorce ! ” Considered for a long time , I finally spoke up . He stayed behind me for a long time , I knew he was struggling , he repressed his anger , He was trying to think why I say such a thing , he […]

Note of happiness Part 1 This three-year marriage to me, may be a rush to allow time to flow through the frustration of it ! Always listen to the side of the friend said , marriage is the beginning of happiness , There beside love your husband with you planning blueprint for the future , […]

Boys confessions!!!!! So cute (boys must see) M: “I ‚Äč‚Äčtell you funny stories ah .. There was once two people called ‘I love you’ called ‘I do not love you, but one day, I do not love you,’ you say left dead. who? ” Woman: “What? Ah ah Everybody knows that if I rest, I […]

Exceptionally sunny weather, exceptionally bright sunshine, people feel finally a little taste of spring . This year’s spring comes a little late , but eventually came, Fruitful, seasons change , this is an everlasting rule. Hey ! The past , after all, escape , the walk , we might have failed to keep . A […]

After that separation memories remain Around the sentimental diary is open past Is the silence of the night face wet Her laughter echoed in my ears Respectively, after the forgotten memories It buried deep in the heart With a sharp knife or severely amputated time Respectively, was questioned after his Reprove himself is facing a […]